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What is meant by Serviced Accommodation?

The 28 February 2018

Serviced Accommodations or serviced apartments have been around for a while, it’s just that people haven’t realized the impact made for over a decade.

The term “Serviced Apartment” is used for a specific type of rented accommodation where the place is furnished, providing housekeeping and other services. Usually taxes and utilities are also included in the rental price. Serviced Apartments are available for both long-term and short-term stays.

The facilities offered by serviced accommodations are very much the same as traditional hotel but in a larger scale. You will have added space, convenience and privacy, it is almost like home. When travelling, you will feel like a local. The cooking areas are usually private, either offering a kitchenette or sometimes you can enjoy the luxury of a full-size kitchen with dishwasher and washing machine included. The living space and sleeping areas are much larger than standard rooms. You may also have access to other hotel-like services like gyms, restaurants, meeting space and concierges.

Not widely used outside the corporate relocation and business travel markets, the term “Serviced Apartment” has long been offered as a booking option. These apartments were not under a specific category of their own, they were just labelled as “apartment” and were suggested to customers as another option to regular hotel rooms.

Being less pricey than hotels, the sector is the go to option when travelling leisurely. Serviced apartments are available worldwide as a cost-effective alternative. Budget wise they are preferable for longer stays, travelling in groups or with family as they allow to save on dining out, in-house entertainment and other services that would be paid in a hotel. You also have the freedom of living as a local.

The only downside of home-sharing sites, you might move into someone else house for your stay thus taking a chance in terms of health and safety and standard of accommodation. As a trade body, we aim to make sure the customer is confident in what will be offered to him when booking for a serviced accommodation at their preferred location.

Different levels of membership and certification are accredited to the industry to keep up standards around bookings, facilities and safety.

Facilities you should expect when opting for a serviced apartment:

Serviced accommodations are usually classified under a variety of sub headings including: