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Sliding sports

Short or long board, with or without paddle, you will find all types of sliding sport on the coast of Morbihan. With its 900 kilometers of the Atlantic coast, Morbihan will make you move at the rhythm of the tides. Get out your wet clothes and head to the beach! From Penestin to Guidel, there are enough spots for everyone!

Surf with the wind

Is there wind on the Brittany coast? Yes, it's more than enough to satisfy snow sports enthusiasts. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are the sports that need more regular wind. If there is a wind forecast of strength 5 or 6, head to Erdeven or Saint-Pierre Quiberon! Equip yourself with your kitesurf and board, fight against the waves of the ocean and get your dose of thrills. The beaches of Carnac and Sarzeau are also perfect for your aquatic acrobatics!

Surfboard or bodyboard?

When the wind is not strong, head for the waves in Quiberon Bay. It is a paradise for bodyboarders and surfers of all types: from the perfect beginner to the experienced rider, there is a wave and style for all tastes. Belle-île, Guidel and Ploemeur are also famous for their good surfing conditions and you can use tubes at leisure too - standing, lying or kneeling ... and why not with a paddle? The stand-up paddleboard is ideal for small and large waves ...

From paddleboard to kayaking, everything is there!

Do you dream of walking on the water? Try stand-up paddleboarding or SUP, as his fans call him. This sport, from the Hawaiian coast, is a mix of surfing and canoeing. In the gulf or on the many rivers that criss-cross the department, kayaking is highly appreciated by fans of gentle traffic, and is ideal for discovering the local fauna and flora.

Surf is not a game !

To make sure that the glide remains a pleasure, there are some basic rules that must be respected for safety reasons. Nature can be capricious, so take a few precautions. There are many sailing and surf schools in the Morbihan with a wide range of training to advise you and introduce you to the joys of water sports. So do not delay, go alone or with a group, and try some new experiences. Do not wait for the wave, find it !!

List of Spots in Morbihan: