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Our Institute
Facial treatment Revealer                                                    60mn    71.00 €
Ideal to find a rested face, a radiant complexion and
Relaxed features.

Facial moisturizing intense                                              90mn     95.00 €
Let yourself be carried by this super moisturizing treatment that will bring suppleness and immediate elasticity to your skin, this treatment will be completed during the thermo-heating mask by a massage of the hands and feet.

Full body massage                                                               60mn      60.00 €
                                                                                                90mn      90.00 €
This personalized and rejuvenating treatment was gentle and powerful, providing you with well-being and muscle relaxation.

Full body massage with wet hands                                      60mn 70.00 €
This personalized and rejuvenating freshness treatment combines softness and power, with a feeling of well-being assured.

Light legs                                                                                  60mn 80.00 €
This treatment is ideal if you have the feeling of heavy or tired legs. This massage will boost microcirculation and provide softness, freshness and muscle relaxation.


Our whole body Cryo cabin
Cryotherapy is a well-being therapy of Japanese origin that consists of spreading a dry cold, all over the body during
3 minutes
Who is the cryo for?
- Athletes, more or less high level.
- People with various diseases or pathologies fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, migraines, rheumatism, tendonitis.
- People who are prone to stress or sleep disorders.
- To those who want to live an experience

What are the benefits of cryotherapy?
The cold is antalgic and has anti-inflammatory properties, so it will help relieve pain related to a pathology or the practice of physical activity (tendinitis, muscle breakdown, hematoma).
Cryotherapy boosts the immune system and promotes the secretion of endorphins, which p
Thanks to its action on the nervous system, it also makes it possible to treat sleep disorders, to reduce fatigue or stress.

It is also very appreciated for its slimming effectiveness. Indeed, the body will tap into its energy resources to fight against the cold and burn a lot of calories in the process.
Finally, the draining action of the cold makes it possible to reduce the aches.