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Belle ile Ile aux Moines Gavrinis Ile Berder


Located in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, from our hotel 2 steps from the sea, discover the miryade of islands of our Little Sea!

The islands to visit in the Gulf of Morbihan

Berder island 

400 meters from the hotel on foot, Berder Island is also called "the Pearl of the Gulf". This small private island of 23 hectares will seduce you for its original side: you can access it only at low tide but no worries we have the schedule at the hotel!

Nestled in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, just an hour to go around while taking the time to observe the oak trees classified Brittany's remarkable trees, the exceptional views and the impressive current of the Mare which is none other than the second strongest in Europe where the greatest skippers come to have fun.

Gavrinis island

200 m from the hotel, board for a 10-minute crossing. Once on the island, you will discover a breathtaking panorama, the highest point of the Gulf will offer you a view on the mouth between Port Navalo and Locmariaquer. It is the ideal place for an overview on the Gulf of Morbihan.

But Gavrinis is especially the Cairn known around the world for its engraved ornamentations. This imposing megalith, dating from -4000 years before J-C, unique in the world and classified as a historical monument, will fascinate amateur as a neophyte. For enthusiasts and those who want to continue the discovery of the Côte des Megalithes, Carnac Menhir Alignments and Locmariaquer's Table des Marchants are only 20 minutes away.

ile aux Moines

It is the most famous island of the Gulf of Morbihan. Here forget cars, everything is done on foot or by bike. Located just 5 minutes by boat from the mainland, let yourself live at the island rhythm. For your getaway, everything is there:

Ile d'Arz

"Island Captains", wilder than others, you come to spend time out of time. No cars, few tourists.
The lovers of sailing rejoice with the famous sailing school "Glénans". For hikers it is a paradise of several km with its famous tide mill and several peninsulas, what better to discover.

But do not forget the family time, children feast of being free on a bike, to swim on a beautiful beach, kite flying or sandcastles. Lovers will not be disappointed, long walks, incredible scenery and calm assured.

Want to take off ? Give yourself a crossing to the islands of Morbihan

During a weekend or longer stay at the Hotel Le Parc Fétan, take the time to visit Quiberon and its peninsula!
With sea view, the Hotel Le Parc Fétan in Larmor Baden will be the origin of all your excursions and walks in the peninsula of Quiberon & Morbihan. From Quiberon, you will have the opportunity to escape by boat to the islands or to discover the department of Morbihan and its wonders!

Embark and take off for the fantastic islands of Morbihan! At one hour from the sea of ​​Hotel Le Parc Fétan, discover landscapes that will leave you dreamy, from wild to natural coasts ...

Belle Ile en Mer

A name that is not trivial, it offers visitors a landscape of great quality.

The Palace, perceived as the "capital" of the island is adorned with a citadel of the genre "Vauban" not to be missed. By continuing your visit, on foot or by bike, you will have the opportunity to discover the small port of Sauzon, authentic and so typical, similar to a landscape of watercolor.

Make a detour to Bangor who will guide you by its lighthouse, overlooking the steep coast. And, finish with Locmaria and its small village which has no equal on the island.


This tiny island 8 km long, with false airs of Mediterranean coast during the summer, will make you taste a certain nonchalance according to a true "lifestyle" island.

In winter, the island becomes more tormented and reminds the hardness of the ocean. The torn ribs of Hoëdic then propose an intoxicating and disturbing moment.


With its landscapes of moors and gorse, beaches made of fine sand and turquoise water will enchant you!

Your eyes already amazed will not come back from these whitewashed houses in contrast with the flamboyant colors of the hulls of ships. Such a change of scenery that will make you wonder where you are ...

These rocky expanses belonging to the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan are ideal for recharging your batteries and giving up the stress of everyday life.

Summer and winter, you can play Robinsons and get lost on the path of a path to distant horizons, and so